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the great master JAVI HARD

24 Jun 2022

The last real total top of Spanis porn

There is something about Javi Hard that science has yet to study and explain, one look at him and any gay man turns into a submissive slave ready to do whatever it takes to please his master Javi. However, he is one of the most adorable men around, and does nothing like many to embellish his manhood.
All the productions he participates in are bestsellers, as if this wonderful aura could be felt even beyond the screen. Most of the time, he doesn't realize the power he possesses, which makes him even more attractive. It is with great pride that our studio counts him among our stars, and working with him is a treat for our directors and editors, for whom he makes their work much easier.
Very discreet, he rarely participates in public events, but he broke this rule by joining our studio at the erotic show in Barcelona where he shone like a sun on the stage where he made a beautiful demonstration of his talents.
The night bar BERLIN DARK of which he is one of the owners is never empty of horny passives who go there just hoping to see him and who knows how to be savagely Shagged if he is in the mood. Entering his harem is the dream of submissives of all kinds Fist fucking, bondage, spanking, verbal domination, everything is there to satisfy the most picky passive.
Machofactory is therefore pleased andproud to anounce his participation at the upcoming HUSTLABALL BERLIN as part of our performers squadd

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