25 Feb 2022

There is so much the public does not know about Santi, everybody likes and follows him for a different reason. Most fantasise on the pornstar, others love the photo model, many respect him as a surgeon, few people know about his singing talent wich they are about to discover at the GRABBY AWARDS as he is the singing guest of the awards ceremony, let have a closer look at this phenomenom with multiple talents ...

Some guys get into porn by necessity because they think it is a fast lane to fame and fortune, those never last, at the most they burn bright for a while and are soon consumed. Men Like Santi are of an other league, because all they do, they do it with pasion without expectation of recognition or adulation. They just do what they like and it turns out they are very good at it, and that's what the public likes about them, the more Santi "enjoys", the more whoever whitnesses it "enjoy" with him (or true him ).
Santi is an autentic JOY BRINGER, because he is a JOY SEEKER, it's rare to catch him without a smile even in generally upsetting situations, and those quality serve him extremly well in every aspect of his very busy life, it is mystery how he does all he does if days only have 24 hours

THE ARTIST Santi spends long days in rehearsals with demanding choreographers, long music clases and creation cessions with Djs and composers, all this with the sole motivation of his love of art. All that work is paying off because he was the undisputed choice of the GRABBY AWARDS COMITEE to perform at the awards gala in Torremolinos next April. His followers are very impatient to discover what he is preparing, but we'll all have to wait until then to discover the Single that his producers have not yet published any clue :

THE SOCIAL AMBASSADOR. as winner of Mr fetish Spain, Santi has spent a whole year running the world around as ambassador of the Spanish fetish comunity, advocating in international events to lift the stigma over the fetish comunity. Alll agree to say at SLFC that he has been one of the most active and efficient Mr Fetish Spain.
Santi is also very implicated in several sensibilations campain of the asociation STOP SIDA for who he has recorded several educational spots rasing awarness about STDs around the young sexually active comunity.

PHOTO MODEL. Instagram in burning everytime Santi publishes a new picture, it seems to be hard work to take a bad picture of santi, That's what it is, some men just make love to the camera, Santi is one of them, so, not surprising that he has photographed by most great photographers of the industry who find it very easy to work with him. and many Brands as CRDKO, BOXER, KB, are always just too happy to have him pose in their creations. We have no doubt that he vill be amoung the ponstars exposed at the photo exibition of the Grabby at the ritual hotel lobby.

DOCTOR BEAUTY... Even less know about Santi is his real profession as surgeon, he works dailly to ensure a pretty face to the ladies of the Spanish "in" society, and also helps repair natural malformations that can be a burden for a normal life, so we can most certainly say that he is definately bringing happyness to his patients by giging them back their self esteem

THE PORNSTAR He tarted as a Machofactory exclusive model and recorded over 15 videos under the label, but it is hard to keep a star from shining, even if Santi is a part time ponstar, he is one of the best , he has worked with most popular tops of the industry, and his work can be seen in several studios such as KB, PAPITHUGZ and soon RRN.
Santi is nominated as BEST BOTTOM and BEST DADDY at the grabby awards, so go online now and make sure to vote for him on