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24 Feb 2022

Gifted with this naturally flawless male beauty, FREDDY SALVADOR is beloved puppy of the machofactory pack, since he was first discovered by Macho Jim for a Macho serge Production, he is the beloved protegee of this porn family, and it is quite naturally that Flavio Vador ( his gorgeous husband) and him will be amoung the brand's models ambassadors at the GRABBY AWARDS 2022

Looking at Freddy Salvador, it is easy to believe that not all angels live in heaven, 'there are not many young men who can be endowed with as much beauty and yet be as masculine as any warrior in the Spartan army. And the most wonderful thing is that he is not fully aware of his exceptional beauty, which is perhaps why his growing success does not change his humility and kindness, he is one of those guys who is always nice to be around.
The first time he entered a Machofactory studio by the hand of Macho Jim, it was on the set of DEGENERADOS 2 directed by Macho Serge and with big names like VIKTOR ROM, SANTI NOGUERA, JULIAN TORES, ANDY ONASIS and many others, and with the addition of a foreign TV crew on set shooting a documentary about our work, it was an exceptionally difficult first shooting conditions, but Freddy stole the show that day with his kindness and his seductive energy.
It's not just about his good looks, of course, this is porn, and his success is not just due to his looks, he is one of the best VERSATILE ACTORS in our studio, able to work with the roughest tops in the house. When it comes to porn, there's no such thing as a good boy anymore, Freddy can get as vicious as possible.
In addition to now being known as an accomplished porn star, Freddy is also a very good dancer who performs in prestigious clubs and events, not to mention his modeling work for some gay fetish brands, in other words his face and body sell well.
Perhaps Freddy's most outstanding quality is his fidelity, unlike most young men in the industry, he is very devoted to his marriage, and when the camera is off, he seeks the comfort of his lovely partner with whom he has lived and worked for a long time. They are both young, but already an example of mental balance for all the other actors who dream of combining their professional and emotional lives.
So come to torremolinos to meet Freddy, chexk on

Screen Shot 2022 02 22 at 15 24 38
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