23 Feb 2022

Since he was introduced to the worl by his mentor MACHO SERGE, Macho Jim has become not only a great Adult movies Director, but also one of the central pivots of Spanish gay adult productions. He know them all and they all know him.

He still remembers it as a very disconcerting moment, the precise moment when Macho Serge introduced him to the Machofactory team that was on its way to the HUSTLABALL BERLIN saying "This is Jim who will manage you, and you will address him as MACHO JIM" he was as surprised as all the models because he didn't expect it, but decided to go with it. Almost 5 years later he became the epicenter of the gay X productions in Spain
Macho Jim, who is a perfectionist in everything, quickly took his role as casting director very seriously and soon had the biggest agenda of the local production, his professionalism and reliability attracted more and more aspiring models who followed his advice, many gained incredible fame under his guidance, like the legend VIKTOR ROM and all the self-produced Xstarts who emerge on new fan sites as the new real stars.
As it seems Macho Serge saw more than just his casting Directing abilities in Jim, because he pushed and encouraged him to direct, and again Maco Jim was amazingly talented and very quickly signed his first productions for machofactory.com, but he has directed for countless and diverse X productions both gay and straight.
Machofactory.com takes great pride in being the place where all talents in the adult industry can find a way to shine, as we firmly believe that the talent to make porn is no less wonderful than any other artistic, intellectual or physical talent. Macho Jim is, in this respect, our Tim Burton.
It's absolutely no surprise that he was NAMED BEST DIRECTOR at the grabby awards among the biggest names in the industry. What's certain is that if the vote depended on the actors, he would be the undisputed winner because he is without a doubt their favorite director.
We are sure that our fans who have been enchanted by his work over the past few years will rush to www.grabbyawards.com/europe to VOTE FOR HIM and for MACHOFACTORY.