21 Feb 2022 gets 4 nominations from the public , we are nominated as BEST WEBSITE, BEST PRODUCER, BEST FEATURE-LENGH MOVIE, and BEST ORIGINAL CONTENT. We are all very grateful to all of our followers we nominated amoung such prestigious names and count on you all to cast your vote for us NOW on It's not about wining, it's about knowing that we serve you right by bringing you daring productions

On next April 22nd to 24th, Spanish costal town of Torremolino will be the epicenter of EUROPEAN GAY PORN, as the grabby awards ceremony takes place for the first time in spain. The nomination process in a attempt to fair and trasparent was totaly left to the public who could submit candidates in the proposed categories, and as submissions close after over 20000 responses , we are very honnored to know that the audience took us in consideration for 4 of the most prestigious cathegories. It¡s an amazing motivation for a production company as modest as we are. Further than our own nominations we are thrilled by the massive nominations of many of our home boys, such as Santi Noguera, (2 nominations) , Pablo bravo (5 nominations), Koldo Goran (5nominations), Gianni Maggio (8 nominations), Viktor Rom ( 8 nominations), Sir Peter (9nominations) and the amazingly plabicited NICHOLAS BARDEM who is nominated in 10 cathegories and not fo forget our rising DIRECTOR MACHO JIM nominated Best Director. So, NOW is the time to show your support to your Macho team by voting to show them your apreciation to our contribution to the Gay porn industry.